JSSATE, Department of computer science and engineering is organizing a 2 day Technical fest-Continuum 2011, April 8th and 9th.

Continuum is an annual Inter-collegiate Technical Fest organised by Department of Computer Science and Engineering and CREST. The first Continuum was started in year 2004 and was a mega success. The fest encompasses 20+ events ranging from purely technical to informal events.

Continuum is organized by CREST.

CREST is the tech club started by a bunch of enthusiastic students of Computer Science dept of JSSATE in 2009. It stands for Computer Research for Engineering STudents. We conduct talks/workshops/seminars and conferences to encourage students to take up research. So far, we have organised a number of talks from prominent people from both the industry and academia. The significant achievement of CREST is that we were able to produce 3 IEEE papers in a span of 6 months, something even IITs struggle to achieve.

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After Continuum we have Verve 2011 coming up very soon.