Ethnus at JSSATE

The final year students of JSSATE who had enrolled for the placement training had a great learning experience for 6 days. Thanks to the Placement cell for bringing Ethnus to the college. 

Ethnus was founded in 2007 with a single-minded objective of bringing about a qualitative change in campus recruitments, Ethnus has carved a niche for itself by focusing on mentoring and consulting at the grass root levels; be it students, colleges or even training programs.

It felt great to learn from mentors who have actually recruited thousands of students for different industries. A few were alumnus of IIMs, IITs. One of the mentors who taught 'work and time' had 99 percentile in CAT. It was like 'real HRs' recruiting 'real students' in an unreal interview process.

There were group discussions, interviews, quantitative aptitude, verbal, programming and other interesting activities. The best part was that they taught us the strategies to solve a given problem. We had games which helped us realize our potential to be a great team player, enhance leadership skills, improve coordination and things like that. For those 6 days coming to college never felt as boring as it used to be during regular classes.

Factors which made it interesting and unique:
  • Informal way of teaching
  • Cool attitude of mentors
  • Frequent breaks but of short duration
  • The last factor cant be expressed in words but has to be experienced by being there.