The 7th Jar of Gold

The 7th Jar of Gold

["Here is a writing which is surely going to motivate you and make you think good. This piece of text is worth every bit, make sure you read it".]

There lived a carpenter in a small town. He was once returning home and had to cross a forest. He was midway and he heard a voice from nowhere. It was a tree that was speaking.

Tree: O poor man, would you care to stop by and like to possess seven jars of gold?

Carpenter: I… err… sure, thank you for showing pity on a poor man like me! How I wish I have seven jars of gold with me.

Tree: So shall it be. Now go home. You will see your wish come true.

The carpenter went home anxiously and there really were seven jars of gold as told by the tree. The poor man was overwhelmed by this little magic that took place in his life. He thought that all his difficulties and misery would come to an end.

He checked all the jars one by one. All of them were filled with gold except the seventh jar which was only half filled.

A series of thoughts ran into his mind. He wanted the seventh jar to be as full as others.

And from that day, there was only one passion – to fill the seventh jar of gold. He worked harder and longer, he ate less, avoided celebrations, stopped buying new clothes and cut down on whatever possible. He saved money and filled the seventh jar with gold. Yet, the jar was not full.

He sold some of his belongings, begged his employer to increase his pay, he denied himself of every pleasure in order to save. Yet the jar was not full. No matter what the poor man did, the magic jar refused to be filled up completely- It remained, as before, partly empty.

This is what is happening to most of us. We dwell so much on little negative things happening in our life that we overlook the abundance of positivity. We deny ourselves the beauty of life just because of some small stupid problem.

There is also a saying which goes something like:

When one door of happiness closes; another opens. But often, we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us

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  1. thanks for the comment Vijay.

    Good luck for the Examination.

  2. Hey mate! the story is nice and all that..but what does it have to do with JSS???

  3. well...this has nothing to do with JSS, but I wanted to share this lovely story with all.

  4. inspirational, something worth thinkkin abu......

  5. “When one door of happiness closes; another opens. But often, we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”
    Well true there has to be a balance but if u never try to open the closed door u might jus miss out on somethin big..true that expectation grows with success to point of insatiability but that is the sole force drivin u in life.. its one thing to work to open a door but its diff if u sit in front of the door cryin waitin for it to open..