After finishing my PUC and CET exams, I got plenty of time to make a detailed analysis of all the colleges. I did a lot of research to deduce which engineering college I probably may get a chance to enter.

Once the answer keys were published, I evaluated my marks. I got it as 111 out of 180. I was expecting my CET rank to be some where around 4500.
CET results were out in a few weeks. My rank was 4423!
A very bad rank for a GM student like me to have. How I wished to be a SC or ST.(even 2a,2b...3a,3b...would do).

I love computer science and I wanted to choose CS. But if I wanted CS I would never have got a chance to get into top 5 colleges in Bangalore. CET first round was approaching, I decided not to bother about the course but to bother only about the college. I got civil engineering in BMSCE!!!. This was a great selection. I would proudly tell my friends that I had got BMSCE. My friends were not so surprised once I told them that my course was civil.

Now again there was lot of time for the final seat selection round. I totally decided that I have to select computer science. JSSATE was a very good option. Infact JSSATE is too close to my house. Unfortunately the cut off trend was something like 3500. I badly wanted to get into JSSATE. JSSATE was the best option.

Finally the 'final seat selection round' day arrived. JSSATE was my first choice followed by Dr. AIT and other colleges.
Initially there were 12 CS seats under JSSATE. Gradually it decreased to 5. It turned 3 after a few minutes. I was almost there. The countdown was at rank 4410. I could still see that 3 seats were remaining. The countdown came to 4419. 4 more to go and 3 seats remaining. Suddenly the no. of seats changed to 2. My heart began to pump faster. I heard someone calling "rank no. 4423", I quickly went to the counter desk. The seat availibility display was no longer visible to me. I was wondering what if the 2 seats had already be taken. I could even here some girl asking for-'JSSATE computer science'.

Finally It was my turn. I was quite unsure. But I asked them for-'JSSATE computer science'. This man at the counter cooly checked his monitor and replied-"YES".

I was thrilled. I was excited. I couldn't believe myself. I felt blessed !!!
I completed all other procedures and came back home happily with my ADMISSION TICKET TO JSSATE-BANGALORE.

There was one thing that still surprised me. How could a 4423 rank guy get a seat when the cut off trend was something like 3500? I was lucky. This year the intake for CS and IS has been increased from 60 to 90.( what a coincidence!!!)


  1. hey buddy welcome to jssate.
    You are the new jssatian. Just enjoy your new college life. I am also a student of jssate.
    I am raghu,final year EC student. I would love to be a friend of you. So come and meet me :)

  2. he he... hope we will meet soon

  3. nice 1 tejas :) but i don c anythin from our branch iem.. try n dig out somethin na :) 04-08 batch..

  4. wow!! I guess even I'm lucky to be here :)

  5. hey is jssate gud in terms of placement cse..