VERVE' 09 is here. It is on 8th and 9th of May 2009. VERVE as I have heard is supposed to be the best 'Inter collegiate techno cultural fest' in Bangalore after BMSCE's UTSAV.

Here is the list of all the events taking place:

SPORTS: mini soccer, mini cricket
LIT O MANIA: brain storm, non stop nonsense, puzzlers, director's cut, vantage point
TECHNO TALISMA: C programming and debugging, cryptography, fight it out, omni tracker
INSANE SENSES: tear n tape, dumb n dumber, bizzaro world, installion
EXTRA VAGANCE: style quotient, head bangers, dance floor, actors' paradise
BIKER BOYS: zero rpm, check point
OFF BEAT: arm wrestling, sack fighting, face painting, on spot painting, poster making

All those impressive event banner stuck up all over the college have been designed by our very own III year guys. This time a special website for verve is being designed by a II year guy.
Once the website is published I will surely post the website's URL.

Any more details regarding JSSATE VERVE can be had from:

VARUN TM @ 9880144421
MALA @ 9986570087
SUHAS KV @ 9964584275;

Check out the video bar. I made those cool videos specially for VERVE' 09. It took about 2 weeks for bringing out the final version of it. My seniors encouraged me a lot and contributed some marvelous videos and eye catching pics of VERVE' 08. I integrated them along with the fantastically done event posters in a video processor called 'Corel Video Studio'. For the background music I had Timbaland's 'the way i are'. This stupid thing got muted once I uploaded to you tube saying that it is copyright protected. Then I got a cool track called 'Ambience outburst' from my favorite 'FL Studio'. Surprisingly it synchronised with the video gloriously.

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