JSSATE Verve' 09 day 1

"There are only 10 kinds of people. one who understand binary and others who don't."


It was a Friday. I posted the event list of verve' 09 on my blog and started towards the college. the main stage was looking absolutely pumping. Verve' 09 started of with Mr/ms. JSS.
I had never expected but all 14 finalists, 7 boys and 7 girls were on stage in a totally different avatar.

These are a few avatars worth noticing:
1. Sam was wearing his shirt, trousers and waist coat front side back (or backside front).
2. A girl wearing a football jersey.

(They were actually told to come in an attire that made them feel the most uncomfortable. This explains about their weird look)

After a few rounds of elimination, the result was announced.

Mr. JSS 2009: Sheldon
Ms. JSS 2009: Ramya

There were whole lot of amazing events being conducted in seminar halls and other class rooms. I went into the seminar hall where the short movie making contest was being contested. It was a real surprise for me to note the fabulous amount of quality, dedication and hard work that was put in to make those movies.(Real inspiration I must say!!!)
Mad ads are a huge hit as always.
Later solo dance and group dance was done on main stage.

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