JSSATE Verve' 09 day 2

It was a Saturday. I heard the phone ring. I said "hello" half asleep.
It was Rohit on the other line," Tejus, where r u ? C- programming contest is about to begin in 10 minutess, come to SF-19".
Then I ...

I had my bath, skipped breakfast and rushed to my college- JSSATE(which is just 3 Km from my house). I Ran to SF-19. Thank god! They had just begun to give question papers. We tried to figure out the correct option using all the C- skills a II semester student could possibly have.
There were 30 questions. We were sure of getting at least 15 right. After 1 hr we came back to check the qualifiers list only to see that we were not on the list.( 28 was the highest and 18 was the cut off).

Then I played NFS Most wanted. No luck there too.

Debate was too cool. It was happening in the seminar hall. I went there . It was really cool!!!. The ACs were turned on.

After being there at rock show for more than an hour I returned home.
I thought I will go back to college at 7:00 pm for the fashion show but I chose to stay home watching the movie 'FASHION'.

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